Essential Bitcoin Documentaries

Here are a few documentaries I highly suggest watching. The first documentary "Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It" is my favorite because it covers the history of currency which is essential to understanding Bitcoin and why it was created. BITCOIN: THE END OF MONEY AS WE KNOW IT Trailer: iTunes: Amazon:

Redefining Value (Part 1)

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Bitcoin (God of Crypto)

"Let’s not forget, if it weren’t for Bitcoin there would be no other cryptocurrencies." - God aka Bitcoin Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency. Due to its open source code, all other cryptocurrencies were created by copying and modifying it. Bitcoin was the worlds first application of blockchain technology. Before you consider investing in a particular cryptocurrency be sure you know what you are buying. There are many reasons the Bitcoin network is the strongest and most sec

Bitcoin and the price. Is everyone missing the point?

2017: is the year Bitcoin became mainstream. Most people bought it or wished they had. “Bitcoin” ranked #2 on Google's top trending “global news list." The value of Bitcoin went up 2,386.37% from $800 to $19,891. Search results increased coinciding with the price eventually peaking at an all-time high in December 2017. However, had anyone stopped to understand it first? 2018: “What is Bitcoin” ranked #1 on Google's top trending “What is…? list." Many people gained or lost mon

Happy Birthday, Bitcoin! Ten years old and time for school!

Launched in 2009 the Bitcoin network celebrates its 10th birthday this year (2019). Even after a decade, it’s just getting started. Similar to the internet in the 90’s I still consider Bitcoin to be in it’s “dial-up” phase. Most people have heard about it, some it, but few understand it. Eventually like the internet, I believe it will become a part of our everyday lives. It’s come a long way since I got involved as a Bitcoin miner-investor in 2010 back when barely anyone knew

Cold storage. Are you cool?

It amazes me how many people bought Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and store it in their account or in another exchange. They might as well deposit it into a bank that may and sometimes has gotten robbed. One reason for Bitcoin's creation was to cut out the middle man so you can take control of your own money. Don’t get me wrong, is an excellent company, but you should not hold them responsible for securing your money. Be your own bank! Take respo